untold stories of HS

I lay in bed at 3 am in the morning and I could not sleep. I began to think about how overwhelmed I have been. I decided to play my favourite worship song ‘falling in love with Jesus’ by Jonathan Butler hoping it would get me back to sleep. But it didn’t help and a million ideas begun running around in my head. I decided I would get out of bed and start writing. This is where the idea of the untold stories of HS came about.

Listed below are some of the topics I am intending to include in my next ptoject. Stay tune to www.fightforchristian .com 

You see with HS or (MPS-II) you don’t get a break and your life is constantly surrounded by the next event.

So what about all the other aspect of life! such as: 

  • A Marriage

  • Work

  • Sufferers siblings

  • Family holidays

  • The next pregnancy, etc