Michelle & Rob Dierkx

02/08/2013 22:20

Michelle and Robert Dierkx are parents to Christian Dierkx who was diagnosed with hunter syndrome shortly after birth in June, 2007. Christian is the first born for Michelle and Robert.

Their story became public in February 2013 after a long and sustained campaign to have their son’s Christian life saving Elaprase treatment reinstated.

Michelle is a dedicated Christian and her fight, drive and tenacity comes from her relationship with God. 


Michelle is a graduate of Macquarie University and a graduate of the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (Honours).

She also completed a degree in Bachelor of Arts with Diploma of Education

Robert Dierkx is a graduate of the University of Newcastle. 

He completed his degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Honours) and also completed an Associate Diploma in Engineering (Surveying).

He works as a Senior Executive with a top tier construction and mining company