Intrathecal Idursulfase IT trial Australia

20/05/2014 23:17

Christian Dierkx’s parent, Rob and Michelle Dierkx have been doing a lot of work over the past week to refocus attention on the Intrathecal Idursulfase IT trial for Australia. As this is such a critical and lifesaving medical breakthrough treatment for their son and other sufferers. The Dierkx’s has never and do not intend to make public, any confidential discussions, letters, meetings, etc about the trial. Even though they are aware that there are some interests in the trial and the work that the Dierkx’s has done. It would be entirely inappropriate to discuss on social media or with various groups information that could potentially jeopardize the trial. They have been working with key stakeholders and is confident the goal they set out to achieve nearly 12 months ago which was to have a Intrathecal clinical trial site in Australia is  well and truly insight.

They will have more to say in the near future.