Fear paralyzes but faith gives Hope

30/11/2013 23:03


I was lying in bed at 3am in the morning and I could not sleep. I began to think about how overwhelmed I have been. I decided to play my favourite worship song ‘falling in love with Jesus’ by Jonathan Butler hoping it would get me back to sleep. But it didn’t, I realized I have been running on adrenalin for a long time and that I was exhausted. But then my thoughts turned to other mum’s that have children with special needs. I know you too are also doing it tough. You may put on a brave face but deep inside you are hurting.

There are many questions to ask yourself.

·         Do you put on a brave face about your situation?

·         Do you sometimes beat yourself up when no one is watching?

·         Have you lost the hope for your child that each parent rightly deserves?

·         Have you lost your self confidence in the midst of everything?  

·         If you are married, do you wish you could turn back time to how life was when you first got married?

·         If you are separated, divorced or a single Mum / Dad, are you lonely and struggling?

·         Are you just going through the motions at work?

·         Are you longing for quality time with your family but feel you have nothing left to give?

·         Are you planning to have more children? If so, are worried about the next pregnancy being affected by hunter syndrome or another condition?

These are all important aspects of your life and they should not be ignored.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are human. You should know that despite the difficulties and challenges you are facing you are doing a great job.

You can only do what you feel is right in your heart. But make a vow to yourself!

 You will not be ruled by my circumstances but will rise above and conquer them. Keep reminding yourself that if today is not such a good day then tomorrow will be better and there is a future that is even brighter. Every season must come to end and there is always a new beginning.

Whilst I have lost 3 brothers to hunter syndrome, I have also seen major medical breakthroughs. In the last 5 years we have seen how remarkable enzyme replacement therapy is to stop the horrible effects of hunter syndrome.

More recently we are seeing enzyme replacement therapy administered into the spinal cord in order to treat the brain. How amazing!!!!

For those that have faith in our heavenly father then you can relate to how important this anchor is in your life. For those that have yet to experience this in your life then I encourage you to explore this further. Without Jesus in our life I am not sure how I would be able to deal with this situation and the challenge we face daily.